Selling your home requires plenty of prep work to ensure that the house is desirable and attracts potential buyers. Although the real estate market is hot, there are situations where a property will sit on the market for a long time. If this is the case for you, here are some possible reasons why you can’t sell your home.

1. It Smells Bad

When people are touring homes to purchase, they are extra sensitive to odors, especially the smell of mold. For many folks, a home that smells like mold can be a dealbreaker and they will immediately become disinterested no matter what other redeeming qualities the property has. People may have had traumatic experiences with mold in previous homes and will never consider purchasing a home with that signature smell.

Another odor that turns potential clients off is cigarette smoke, so if you smoke in your home it is time to stop if you are thinking of selling. Fortunately, odor remediation companies can eliminate mold, cigarette, and many other unpleasant odors, and present an obvious solution.

2. It’s Priced Too High

At the end of the day, the price of your home will ultimately determine if someone can afford to purchase it, according to Many people have an emotional attachment to their home, which can cause them to price it too high and limit the number of people who tour it. You’ll need to hire an appraiser to inspect the house to get an estimate on its value while also comparing the prices of homes that recently sold in the local area. Doing your research will make it easier to price it accurately and allow it to fit within most people’s budgets.

3. You Aren’t Using Quality Images

The photos that you use to advertise your property on the real estate market are one of the most important features of your ad because it will show the level of appeal that the house has and if it’s updated. Using images that you took yourself can make it difficult to sell if the resolution is low or you didn’t use software to edit it. Hire a professional who can use quality equipment to shoot crisp and clear photos that show off each room of the home and allow it to look its best.

4. You Haven’t Hired a Real Estate Agent

Although you think you may save money by selling your house on your own, without an experienced realtor, a home often sits on the market longer. You may be unaware of the best places to list your house online or how to stage the house. Hiring a real estate agent is an investment that will likely help you sell your home more quickly and for a better price.

5. Your House Isn’t Updated

If the paint is peeling on the house or the appliances in the kitchen are outdated, then most buyers won’t be interested in making an offer. Unless the house is a fixer-upper and listed as such, it’s necessary to perform repairs and get the house in good condition to make it attractive, contemporary, and appealing to all.

6. The Home is Dirty

Keep in mind that buyers will be inspecting each part of the house from top to bottom to determine if they want to buy it. Along with updating the home, you should also deep clean it to make it shine and look like it’s been maintained. Deep cleaning the carpets, wiping down the blades on ceiling fans, and cleaning the baseboards is necessary to remove dirt and grime that has accumulated.

7. There’s Too Much Clutter

Although you may still be living in the house, it shouldn’t have clutter present when you take photos for the listing or when buyers tour the property. Remove books that are stacked on your nightstand or clothes that are piled in the laundry room to make it appear more appealing if you can’t sell your home.

What to Do if You Can’t Sell Your Home

The real estate market may be competitive, you can still sell your home quickly by taking the right steps. Avoiding some of the most common mistakes that sellers make will attract more people to the house and prevent it from losing value. If you can’t sell your home, consider these possible reasons and take the steps to fix the issues.

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